Our Heroes!

KleinCPT Edward 'Flip' Klein, US ARMY "HOMH is ahhh-mazing. Thank you Laurie, Marybeth and Ted. Our new van is beautiful, and we cannot wait to get "Traveller 8" on the road." – Jessica (Flip's wife)


StantonCPL Cody Stanton



BixlerCPL David Bixler "HOMH is ahhh-mazing. Thank you Laurie, Marybeth and Ted. Our new van is beautiful, and we cannot wait to get "Traveller 8" on the road." – Jessica (Flip's wife)


ShockleySSG Sam Shockley



GrabianowskiSGT Joe Grabianowski



RiveraSSG Vincent Rivera, US ARMY "



SimmonsLTJG Steven Simmons, US NAVY "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Summer and I mobility with our van. We have put more than 6,700 miles on it since April 23rd; we usually have 5 people, 2 dogs, luggage and 2 wheelchairs in it. Without you, Summer would still be assisting me in and out of my Explorer; you gave us back our independance and for that, we love you." – LTJG Steven Simmons

ValentinSSG Luis Rosa-Valentin, US ARMY "



LoveSSG Chris Walker, US ARMY "



 LoveLTC David Bolton, US Army "



 LovePO2 Taylor Morris US NAVY " I knew this was going to be a good weekend when Taylor hopped into the driver's seat ready to make a 4 hour drive to Virginia Beach. I knew I missed having Taylor drive us around…but oh my gosh I forgot just how nice it was to be a passenger on a road trip. Taylor did awesome!"  – Danielle (Taylor's fiance)

  CPT Luis Avila, US ARMY "



LoveSGT Chris Kurtz, US ARMY "I just want to say thank you and how grateful our family is for the wonderful van Chris got today. My husband can hit the road for a 'Sunday' drive anytime he wants. The smile on his face I absolutely love. I want to send out a special thank you to Ride-Away for all of their work in modifying the van. Thank you to Help Our Military Heroes for all that you have done to help us get this van." – Heather (Chris's wife)

  CPT Ben Harrow, US ARMY "



 LoveCPL Brandon Rumbaugh, USMC For now… Brandon re-iterated the significance of the mobility conversion van. No longer does he need to depend on strangers for assistance in getting into a car nor have to tear down his wheel chair in the snow or rain. Truly a life changing gift due to your generosity.  - as shared in a conversation with a friend of HOMH

LoveSFC Garie Price, US ARMY 'We are really enjoying the new van! Daily trips are so easy & enjoyable for Garie now. We drove from Maryland to Virginia to our home in South Carolina in just the first 2 weeks. It's a beautiful van and thanks to all who donated to make this possible.' Stephanie Gilliam, Garie Price's mother

LoveSPC Derek McConnell, US ARMY (October 8, 1989 – March 18, 2013)

"I wouldn't be able to live without this van. It's vital to my every day life. Krystina and I want to thank Help Our Military Heroes for blessing our life with this van." – SPC Derek McConnell

LoveSSGT Travis Mills, US ARMY  "This van means the world to me, it has given me independence and my family the means to travel around in comfort. There's no way I can fully thank HOMH for this gift they have given to my family in such a short amount of time! We have put many miles on our van already and are so thankful and excited to put many more on!" – SSGT Travis Mills

LoveMAJ Max Brewer, US ARMY “A true Thank You goes out to HOMH and all of the people involved with their charity. The van has been fantastic. It has made it a breeze to travel and my son gets to experience the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" every time the ramp drops. The van makes travel and transporting equipment very safe and easy."  – Very Respectfully, MAJ Brewer

LoveSGT Adam Keys, US ARMY “The van is awesome and easy, I love being able to just pull up and on (Adam) rolls. We can go anywhere we want, whenever we want and I can't thank you enough for making that possible.  Adam loves his ride, as much as he wasn't sure about a van, he is now telling everyone about "his pimped" van. You did an awesome job… we are thrilled to be part of this new family."  – Julie Keys (Adam Keys' mom)

LoveSPC Tim Senkowski, US ARMY “The van is AWESOME! I love it. I can drive it on my own for short distances. The independence is great. The van fits my family's needs and my kids love the TV's. I have put 5,500 miles on it already. It gets us to and from home and my mom has a hard time giving it back to me! LOL.”
– CPL Tim Senkowski
LoveSSG Tim Payne, US ARMY “The van has been one of the best things that has happened to me here (at Walter Reed). I have driven it back and forth to home many times and it has worked out great!” 
– SSG Tim Payne 

LoveTSGT Joseph Deslauriers, USAF “We’re definitely excited to get on the road.  Thank you for the freedom…and thank you for getting us on to the next step of our life.”  – Tsgt Joseph Deslauriers – USAF   *** Funded by Semper Fi Fund

 LoveSFC Jeffrey Hackett, US ARMY  "Thank you so much Help Our Military Heroes for giving him back his freedom to drive."  – Bobbi Jo (Jeffery's wife)

LoveGYSGT John "Gunny" Hayes, USMC “From the minute I drove our new van off the Bethesda campus I knew my life would start to get back to normal, or as close as it can.  I drove myself to Orlando, FL where  my friends and family can see the change in me. Independence and mobility, with my injuries, driving our van has made me and my family very happy.  We can't thank you all enough.“  – GySgt John Hayes – USMC   *** Funded by Semper FI Fund

BrownSSGT Tim Brown, USMC “On Wednesday I got the van, on Sunday we drove it 7,239 miles across the country. With this van, I rid myself of ignorant cabbies, bumpy buses, and Metro elevators. I was once again able to travel where I wanted, while still retaining the comfort and versatility of my power wheelchair, and I owe it all to the generosity of HOMH and Semper Fi Fund.“ – SSGT Tim Brown  ***Funded by Semper Fi Fund

LoveCPL Todd Love, USMC “I’m very happy with the van and even more happy with HOMH and Semper Fi Fund for making it happen for me and being such good friends during the process.”  Cpl Todd Love ***Funded by Semper Fi Fund

ChazSSG Charles (Chaz) Allen, US ARMY “HOMH has helped me get my freedom back by putting me in the driver's seat of this awesome van”!
-Chaz Allen

SchroederCW3 Scott Schroeder, US ARMY “First off, I wanted to say that we are loving the van! Today was Scott’s first day where he got out and went off on his own!! YEAH!  His independence is on it’s way back.“
: – ) Laura Schroeder

SFC John MassonSGT Gerivisio “Anthony” Verra, US ARMY “This van means everything to us. Just being able to get off post and go places….this is amazing. When we met you we thought this was too good to be true. We're glad we get to join the (HOMH) family. You are a true blessing to us”. Shauna Verra

SFC John MassonSFC John Masson, US ARMY “Laurie, Ted and Marybeth, thank you so much for the beautiful gift you have provided for my family and me. After realizing the extent of my injuries, I figured my driving days, my free time alone in my car days, were gone forever. HOMH has changed that and has provided so many opportunities for me and made me feel whole again in so many ways. Thank you for caring for us and being beautiful, loving Americans. I love you guys and cannot wait until we meet again”.
 SSG Brian MastSSG Brian Mast, US ARMY …“this experience has been so incredible. We love you guys and cannot thank you enough. We look forward to being able to help pay this forward at some of your fund raiser. I drove myself to therapy today and thank you all so much for that”.  SSG Brian Mast

SGT Seyward McKinneySGT James T. Hackemer, US ARMY (March 27, 1982 – July 8, 2011)
To HOMH and everyone who helped raise funds to make this van possible for me. We so appreciate your energy and vision for all the soldiers to gain more independence. What a gift you are. God bless you and your team…SGT James T. Hackemer, US Army
 SGT Seyward McKinneySGT Seyward McKinney, US ARMY “I just wanted to write you and say WOW.  I'm still in shock about receiving my new car.  It is beautiful and I am so grateful.  I don't think there are words out there to say how much I appreciate this gift.  All I can say is thanks and please keep in touch…let me know about those marathons….I need to get in there and build up my strength.  God bless you all”

SGT Carlos EvansSGT Carlos Evans, USMC“I want you and Help Our Military Heroes, Inc, to know that your care and dedication to my family and I inspires me to get better and give more to those in need. Your giving is a pure demonstration of love that strengthens me in which I will forever be grateful”.

Cpl Tyler SouthernCPL Tyler Southern, USMC "… thank you so much for doing what you guys do. It was a very special day and I always love to see Tyler with the smile on his face".
Cheryl (Southern) Neff – Tyler's Aunt

SGT Seyward McKinneySFC Mark Holbert, US ARMY“Mark’s last 3 weekends away from the hospital kept us in our apartment. Our new van gives us the freedom to have a night out together. We have a New Year’s Eve date! Thank you HOMH!  Tiffany Duchess-Holbert (as shared in a conversation with Laurie Hollander)