Who We Are

HOMH honors our wounded military men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and have returned home with severe injuries that require modified vehicles.

Help Our Military Heroes, Inc., (HOMH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the military wounded with fully equipped handicapped vehicles. HOMH is donation-driven with 100% of public donations going toward purchasing special-needs vehicles for military heroes in need and other programs to help the wounded and injured.  HOMH recognizes that every case is different and works with each individual in need to modify a vehicle specific to his or her injuries. HOMH was co-founded in 2009 by Laurie and Ted Hollander and Marybeth Vandergrift. Our Executive Board is comprised of Veterans, Educators, Athletes, Lawyers, and Business Executives who all come together with one goal: to make life better for our wounded soldiers.

Two best friends and one dynamic idea

In 2006, best friends Laurie Hollander and Marybeth Vandergrift attended a football game at West Point Military Academy, where Laurie's son was a cadet. During a half-time event, the two were overcome with emotion when they witnessed, first hand, the devastating physical, emotional and financial injuries of a young Veteran being honored that day.

Laurie and Marybeth knew they could make a difference in these soldiers' lives, and decided to organize a fundraiser. As fitness enthusiasts, it seemed natural to hold a Spin-a-Thon at their local gym-with proceeds helping the wounded soldiers. It was a huge success. And after three years of fundraising and donating to other charitable organizations, they decided to co-found their own charity, Help Our Military Heroes Inc. Today, 100 percent of the annual Spin-a-Thon donations are used to help military heroes in need.

We share a strong passion and love for our country and have a desire to help the young men and women who have served in the military and are transitioning into civilian life with challenging injuries and painful rehabilitation. 
-Laurie Hollander and Marybeth Vandergrift