Why We Do It

Why We Do ItWhy We Do It


While serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, our young soldiers are being targeted with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's), which are designed to leave them severely injured, requiring the amputation of one or more limbs. Others are traumatically wounded in different ways.  Many wounded active duty servicemen and women, and veterans, come home stunned, to a challenging life full of painful rehabilitation. Moving beyond the walls of their home or rehabilitation facility can be overwhelming for them and their families.

Help Our Military Heroes recognizes this sacrifice and is dedicated to raising funds to purchase vans, or appropriate vehicles, that are modified and customized to meet the needs of these and other wounded vets. Our Hope is that by providing customized transportation, we can help  rekindle the sense of independence our wounded servicemen and women enjoyed prior to being injured. These vans, which can be financially out of reach for some vets, are customized to individual needs.

Help Our Military Heroes also donates to local organizations that assist veterans in the transition from military to civilian life.

Why We Need Your Help

HOMH is receiving applications for assistance on a monthly basis and anticipates many more to come. Helping each and every applicant is important to HOMH. Through your generous donations, we can increase the number of vans we give to our wounded heroes.

With your help we can continue to make a difference.