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Improving the lives of our wounded military heroes through mobility and independence

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Many of our nation’s service men and women have sustained traumatic wounds and injuries while on active duty, resulting in the amputation of one or more limbs, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and nervous system injuries and disorders. They can face months or years of physically painful and mentally demanding rehabilitation. Their challenges are daunting and, often, even the simple process of leaving their home or rehabilitation facility can be overwhelming for them and their families.

HOMH recognizes their sacrifice and is dedicated to raising funds to purchase minivans that are adapted and customized to meet our heroes’ specific needs. Our hope is that by providing customized transportation, we can return their mobility and help rekindle the sense of independence our wounded service men and women enjoyed prior to being injured. These vans, the cost of which can be financially devastating for many, are customized to each recipient’s injuries so as to ensure his or her confidence, comfort, and safety.

HOMH also donates to local and national organizations that assist these recipients and their fellow veterans in their healing journeys and their transition from military to civilian life.

With your help we can continue to make a difference

HOMH is continuing to receive a steady stream of applications for assistance and anticipates many more for years to come. Helping each and every applicant along their path to recovery is important to us, and we are proud to put every dollar we receive to work for the families we help. Through your generous donations, we can increase the number of vans given to our wounded heroes and continue to help heal those who have given so much to us.


Giving Back
HOMH has delivered nearly 50 vans to our heroes! See our video.

HOMH has helped me get my freedom back by putting me in the driver's seat of this awesome van!
—SSGt Chaz Allen

We're definitely excited to get on the road. Thank you for the freedom...and thank you for getting us on to the next step of our life.
—TSgt Joe Deslauriers

This van means the world to me; it has given me independence, and my family the means to travel around in comfort.
—SSgt Travis Mills

HOMH is ahhh-mazing. Our new van is beautiful, and we cannot wait to get 'Traveler 8' on the road."
 —Jessica Klein, Edward 'Flip' Klein's wife

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