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Improving the lives of our wounded military heroes through mobility and independence

Two best friends, one dynamic idea

Laurie Hollander and Marybeth Vandergrift started with a simple goal: to make a difference in the lives of our most severely wounded and injured service men and women who had served since the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. So, in December of 2009 they got together with some friends and founded Help Our Military Heroes (HOMH). Since then HOMH has awarded over 140 adaptive minivans to some of our Nations’ most deserving, and most inspiring, service men and women, and has expanded its programs to include pre-Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans as well. And they have done it while ensuring 100% of your donation goes towards the mission of helping our heroes in need.

Founded in 2009, Help Our Military Heroes provides assistance to active duty service members and veterans who require ramp-entry, modified minivans due to their wounds, injuries, and illnesses.

HOMH is a registered 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to providing fully equipped, adaptive minivans to our country’s most severely wounded, injured, and ill service members who sustained their injuries while on active duty. HOMH is donation-driven; ALL non-program expenses are paid by its founding and board members, which means 100% of public donations go toward the purchase of modified minivans for our heroes. HOMH recognizes that every case is different and works with each individual to provide a minivan with modifications specific to his or her needs. Since 2016, HOMH has focused solely on its van program, and no longer provides assistance for any other needs.

HOMH was co-founded in 2009 by Laurie and Ted Hollander and Marybeth Vandergrift. Our Board of Directors  is composed of veterans, educators, philanthropists, and business executives who come together with one goal: to make life better for our wounded servicemen and women.


Spinning for a Cause!
Past van recipients Jeff Hackett and Timothy Brown traveled to Connecticut in their HOMH vans to lend their support to our Annual Fundraiser!

We share a strong passion and love for our country and have a desire to help the young men and women who have served in the military and are transitioning into civilian life with challenging injuries and painful rehabilitation.
—Laurie Hollander and Marybeth Vandergrift

Board of Directors

Alan Anderson

Todd Angell

Rob Gallacher

Sandy Harrison-Weaver

Kathy Healey

Laurie Hollander

Ted Hollander

Jodi Olinsky, Treasurer

Director Emeritus

Marybeth Vandergrift

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